Turri Technologies: solutions for the cutting of wood and other materials

who we are: hostory, innovation and future

Turri Technologies is a reference company in the production, distribution and maintenance of band saw blades and cutting tools, for the wood industry and other sectors.

Founded in 1982, the company has developed over time, expanding its production facility in Sarnonico and increasing the range of products and services offered.

Innovation and quality

Distinguished by a strong drive towards change and innovation, Turri Technologies, thanks to continuous investments in research and development, has achieved excellent results in terms of product quality and progressive improvements in the after-sales' service and costumer care. Each product is made according to customer specifications, optimized according to its operativeness and specific application. The accuracy and thoroughness throughout execution guarantee a product with excellent finishes and cutting edge materials. Costumer orientation is an essential value of Turri Technologies, in fact, it is always careful to pay attention to the user's requests together with the production needs of same, thereby improving and streamlining its industrial processes.

After-sales' costumer service

The after-sales' maintenance service is one of the main activities of the company; in fact it stands out for its regularity and reliability in the work carried out, all with the maximum effectiveness. The continuous support to the costumer, after sales' advice and solution of technical problems, play a decisive role in the overall activity of Turri Technologies. Efficiency, durability and precision are the prerogatives of Turri Technologies' products, all together representing a competitive and decisive factor for the user. Discover the other services, which we can offer you