Artirol circular blades in hard metal

For multiblade, for cutting along and across the grain, universal, for specific use and with low noise intensity

Our warehouse disposes of a wide range of circular blades with hard metal teeth, standard, for any use (hobbyist and professional), or special types with wiper slots and keyway made to measure.

Special steel blade that guarantees excellent tenacity.

Service of sharpening, tensioning and reconstruction of missing teeth in Hard Metal (Widia).

Main features of these blades

  • Cutting edge in hard metal with various tooth geometries depending on the application
  • Special wiper slots applications and keyways made to measure.
  • For longitudinal and transversal cutting of wood
  • Circular blades with low noise intensity are available
  • Excellent toughness and elasticity of the blade thanks to the special steel blade body

Where is this type of blade used?

  • Universal for wood cutting, both professional and hobbyist
  • For Multiple Ripsaw
  • With thin thickness and for parquet
  • For milling machines
  • For squaring machines, panel saws and edge banders
  • For cutting wood, aluminium, iron and for portable machines

What are the benefits of use?

  • Clean cut
  • Best chip removal
  • Stability during cutting
  • Saving of raw material thanks to the reduced cutting kerf
  • Silent
  • Sharpening and restoring of Hard Metal circular