Band saw blades for wood cutting

recommended for the cutting of hardwood and softwood, of coniferous, decidiuous, tropical, and sandy woods, both fresh and dry

Turri Technologies’ band saw blade production serves a wide range of users ranging from the small hobbyist to the large wood industry.

During production, the parameters, profiles and specific geometries required by the end user are maintained.

The use of renowned raw materials guarantees greater safety and profit for the user.

Product line

Sharplus Band saw blades

For the first woodworking and the second transformation.
For log sawing machines, band saws[…]

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Titan Flex Tungsten Carbide Band saw blade 1 + 2

Blade used for the first and second processing of hardwood, resinous and abrasive woods.

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Titan Flex Tungsten Carbide Band saw blade 2

For the second processing of wood and semi-finished products
For the cutting of hardwood,[…]

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Bimetal Band Saw blades for wood

For the cutting of chipboards, laminated and compressed wood and firewood.

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Hardened and set band saw blades

For wood processing

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Carbon band saw blades

For the cutting of wood and various materials

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