Industrial knives

upon request, the following are available: planing knives, chipper knives, canter knives, veneer and peeling knives, granulator knives and schredder knives

Planing knives – chipper knives – canter knives – veneer and peeling knives – granulator knives and schredder knives.

Standard models and custom production according to customer specifications.

Selected specifically according to the specific use and grouped into five large families:

  • Planing knives and corrugated knives
  • Chipper knives
  • Canter Knives
  • Veneer and peeling knives
  • Planing knives for systems

Product line

Planing knives and corrugated knives

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Coltelli per cippatore

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Canter knives

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Debarking knives

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Planing knives for systems

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