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Mini frame saw

in stellite or in hard carbide metal, they guarantee high cutting precision and a smooth and clean surface of the lamellas

Main features of these blades

  • Depending on the type of use, thin cutting frame saw blades are available with teeth in Carbide or Stellite.
  • The hard metal-faced blades are particularly suitable for cutting tropical and very hard types of wood, while others are suitable for the processing of European softwood and deciduous wood.
  • Cutting edge with minimum thickness of 0.7 mm
  • Minimum width 35 mm - max 50 mm
  • Maximum cutting height up to 560 mm
  • Various fixed pitches

Where is this type of blade used?

Thin cutting frame saw blades can be used in the production of parquet, multi-layer panels, stairs, furniture, doors, windows and musical instruments.

What are the benefits of use?

  • Great cutting precision thanks to the particular tooth geometry
  • Smooth and clean surface of the lamellas
  • High accuracy
  • Minimum cutting kerf = saving of raw material