Gang saw blades

chromed, stellite and special alloy tipped or only toothed and sharpened longitudinal wood cutting and large cutting heights

High quality Gang saw blades, laser-built and customized to the minimum detail according to a technical drawing or sample of the costumer.

Many versions are available, with different guide gibs, according to the needs of the user sawmill.

Chromed (10 – 15 – 25 μm)

Main features of these blades

Three versions of gang saw blades are available:

  • Standard for setting and sharpening
  • Chromed (10 - 15 - 25 μm)
  • Stellite or Special Alloy tipped
  • Standard dimensions: 140/160/180 mm x 1.8 / 2.0 / 2.2 / 2.4 mm

Where is this type of blade used?

This blade is used for the longitudinal cutting of the trunks.

What are the benefits of use?

Chromed version: improves the resistance of the blade to wear and corrosion thanks to the particular coating, it is also resistant to higher temperatures. Version with material additions: it increases the efficiency of the machine thanks to the increase of the advancement in case of replacement of set or sharpened tools. Vollgatter in standard version: it is supplied ready to be set and sharpened, with the teeth profile requested by the costumer. Production upon specific request of costumer, based on a technical drawing or a sample.