Service and maintenance at 360 °

Turri Technologies offers a qualified after-sales’ maintenance and repair service

Thanks to a programmed service, it can constantly support the costumer, guaranteeing regular deliveries and withdrawals over time.

What type of processing is carried out?

Stellitizing, tensioning, levelling, sharpening are just a few executions that Turri Technologies performs in-house with CNC machines. Each blade is subjected to strict quality controls in order to obtain a tool with high precision, efficiency and useful life.

Numerous benefits for costumers

The costumer benefits are varied and significant such as, for example:

  • Availability of products in a short time thanks to the logistics and warehouse taken on by Turri Technologies
  • Band blades customized in every detail with the teeth profiles and geometries adapted to the specific needs of the costumer.
  • Possibility of being able to rely on Turri Technologies that takes care of the service at 360°, without any investment in sharpening and machinery by the costumer.

Do you need any technical assistance?

The technical assistance foresees the control of the state of the machines together with the band saw blades used in order to make operational improvements and facilitate costumer in his activity. The regular check up of flywheels, guides, lubrication of machinery and control of alignments are essential in order to work efficiently. You can contact Turri Technologies to improve the technical aspects related to woodcutting/metal cutting and to solve any problems that may arise during production. Contact us for assistance